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Samhain Publishing Re-Releases

At the end of February 2017, Samhain Publishing closed its doors. As a result, 28 of my existing titles reverted to me and have subsequently been re-released. Normally I treat a re-release the same as I do a new release -- put in on the Coming Soon page, add it to the "Now Available" part of the home page, etc. With the sheer volume of titles in this instance, though, that would be impractical. So, I've listed them all here. A few stragglers are still uploading, so some links may not work yet.

The vast majority have been revised slightly, if at all, with the exception of Nine-tenths of the Law, which has a newly extended ending. All are available on Kindle Unlimited and in paperback. Cover art is by the author except for Conduct Unbecoming and General Misconduct, which are by Garrett Leigh.

Also, a few books have been included in some new collections - Spicy, Triple Play, and Three - and those are listed below as well.