Kindle Unlimited

Unfortunately, the situation with Kindle Unlimited/Kindle Select has become untenable, and I am in the process of removing some of my titles from the service. I am not yet certain if I will remove all of them, or if new books will spend time in KU before going wide. A lot of that will be determined as time goes on and I see if things are improving, worsening, or staying the same.

I apologize to my readers who prefer to use KU. I had hoped this wouldn't happen, but unfortunately, I must adapt to circumstances beyond my control.

On this page, you will find books scheduled to come out of KU, as well as a list of titles that have recently dropped out of the program. Titles in the latter category will be uploaded to other platforms as quickly as possible, though there can be some delay due to processing times at each site.

Books Cycling Out of Kindle Unlimited

(Check back for updates!)

** Note that books WILL continue to be available for purchase via Amazon. They just won't be available in Kindle Unlimited. **

The dates show when a book is scheduled to cycle out of Kindle Unlimited. Please note that some titles will likely be removed sooner.

Some titles listed below were made available wide before this larger migration began.

If you have already downloaded a book via Kindle Unlimited, it will remain available to you until you return it. You just won't be able to re-download it through KU in the future.


I am updating links as quickly as I can, so if a title you're interested isn't updated, check back soon! (Or feel free to email me through the contact page if you have questions)

*** Financial Hardship ***

I know people are struggling right now, and it's difficult to afford books. Kindle Unlimited has been a godsend for many readers for that reason. If there are titles you would like to read, but it is not financially feasible for you to purchase them outside of KU, please don't hesitate to email me, and we can arrange something privately.

Quick Links:

(these will populate automatically as books are added to each site)

L.A. Witt

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Lauren Gallagher

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Ann Gallagher

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Lori A. Witt

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Remaining Books in Kindle Unlimited

Bluewater Bay Series – July 1

On the Board (with Anna Zabo) - currently staying in KU