Direct sales!

Payhip Store  *  Shopify Store

Why both stores? Some readers prefer one interface over the other.

Do I prefer that readers select one over the other? Nope! It's all good!

Are all audiobooks available direct? At this time, no. Rights and exclusivity and contracts and all that fun stuff -- trust me, it's long and boring. But I'll be adding more over time as the rights return to me!

Do both stores sell the same things? They will, but I'm still working on it. I'm still populating both sites, especially Shopify, so some titles may not be available quite yet. At this time, translations and signed books are only available via Payhip. If there is a particular title you'd like to buy through one of those sites, but you don't see it, let me know!

How will ebooks and audiobooks be delivered to me? Ebooks purchased via Payhip will be sent from Payhip, while those purchased from Shopify will come to you through BookFunnel. All audiobooks will be delivered via BookFunnel.