It’s 1931, and Walter Mayfield has his hands full. He’s trying to keep the peace between his brothers, but at least the cops don’t bother him much about his illegal speakeasy. After all, the place is frequented by members of two volatile gangs, and as long as Walter can keep them from killing each other, the cops leave him alone.

That is until Detective Joe Riordan comes through the door, but Joe ain’t interested in what’s being poured. He’s got three dead bodies, and all three of them are connected to one of Walter’s brothers.

Walter keeps the detective away from the speakeasy and cooperates as best he can with the investigation. Trouble is, he’s taken a whole different kind of interest in the detective. An interest that’s very mutual.

But no matter how strongly Joe and Walter are drawn each other, the investigation threatens to disrupt the fragile peace in the Mayfield Speakeasy as well as tear apart the Mayfield family.

There’s also still a murderer on the loose, and they need to catch him – or her – before another body turns up.

 This 19,000 word novella was previously published.

EXCERPT: (Coming Soon)

TITLE: The Mayfield Speakeasy


LENGTH: 19,000 words
GENRE(S): Historical, Cops