TITLE: Behind Closet Doors
CONTAINS: From Out in the Cold, For The Living, Where There's Smoke, With the Band


LENGTH: 340,000 words

PAIRING: Gay, Bisexual-identifying Characters
GENRE(S): Contemporary, Second Chances




A closeted politician and his smoking hot campaign manager. Two traumatized best friends who need each other more than ever. A grieving widower and a compassionate funeral director. A pair of musicians who can’t keep their hands off each other.

Four couples from four different worlds, all faced with not only finding love and making it work, but coming out to friends, family, fans, and electorates who might not be as understanding as they’d hoped. Despite the odds and pushback, though, love like this won’t go down without a fight.

And these guys are more than willing to fight for the men they love.

This 340,000-word collection contains four full-length gay contemporary romance novels:

For The Living
From Out in the Cold
Where There’s Smoke
With the Band

All four titles have been previously published, and are available for sale individually.