Of course, it would seem a bit silly to have a single site for multiple authors who aren’t collaborating, but therein lies the rub: we’re all the same person. 

Yes, yes, it’s true.

But why use multiple names?  Simple: Different names write in different genres.  L.A. Witt writes almost exclusively gay male romance (including everything from contemporary to science fiction), plus some trans*/genderqueer. Lauren Gallagher writes heterosexual, lesbian, and bisexual romances. Lori A. Witt sticks to sci fi/fantasy and mainstream suspense (both of which may contain some LGBT and/or romantic elements, but are predominantly SFF). Ann Gallagher writes sweet romances and young adult, including asexual romances. And finally, Diana Fyre writes horror (coming soon). So the different names just help readers quickly find the stories that interest them without needing to search through genres that don’t.

This is the place for updates and info about me, myself, and I…or, more importantly, the books.

I always love hearing from readers, so feel free to e-mail me or follow me on Twitter.

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