The In Vino and Veritas series:

1. Wildfire by Garrett Leigh

2. Counterpoint by J.E. Birk

3. Unmanageable by Leslie McAdam

4. Underdog by L.A. Witt

5. Wonderland by Rachel Ember

6. Dauntless by Victoria Denault


Life in foster care wasn’t easy. Life after prison? Unforgiving. But I’m determined to stay out of trouble, and I’m gaining a foothold on the closest I’ve ever known to normal.

Then, thanks to a pair of escape artist dogs from the sanctuary where I’ve found work, I cross paths with my boss’s neighbor, Ty Adams. He’s a horse trainer, and winter is his quiet season. It’s also the season when he gets restless and lonely—two things I know all about. He’s not interested in love or romance. I’m just happy someone’s interested in me at all, even if emotions are strictly forbidden.

When we’re not together, I’m thinking about him. When we are together… Well, I’m definitely thinking about what he does to me and what I want to do with him.

As we keep each other warm through the Vermont winter, this feels a lot more than physical. Somehow he soothes my pain, and I wonder if I’m touching something deep inside him too. But Ty won’t let himself love anyone. I never had a chance. And now, with my past closing in, I could lose the one man I hoped I could count on. The one I thought might be different.

When his present and my history collide, is it too much to hope he’ll choose me?

CW: Sick horse and a minor accident involving a horse—no animal deaths or serious injuries/illnesses.

TITLE: Underdog

SERIES: In Vino Veritas, part of Sarina Bowen's True North

LENGTH: 118,000 words

PAIRING: Male/Male, Gay
GENRE(S)/TROPES: After prison/former inmate, Over 40