TITLE: Season's Beatings

LENGTH: 9,000 words
GENRE(S): Contemporary, BDSM,

Short Stories, Christmas/Holidays


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Audio (narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo)

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Working in retail is brutal, especially during the holidays. For Sam, it means his back and knees are killing him, his patience is wearing thin...and his own holiday plans are probably getting canceled. Again.

As Sam’s hopes dim for a relaxing Christmas with his family, he also misses Austin, the man he loves and who makes him kneel. He misses submitting, and he craves everything Austin gives him and makes him do. Shame he barely has the time or energy to faceplant in bed these days.

But Austin always takes care of his submissive.

And no matter what, he’s going to give Sam a Christmas he won’t forget.

Season’s Beatings is a standalone holiday-themed short story.