TITLE: Deep Dish


LENGTH: 92,500 words
GENRE(S): Contemporary


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Riding the unexpected success of his video channel for as long as it holds out, reluctant influencer Marcus Holloway is on a road trip to find the best pizza in each state. It’s a solitary journey, but he has his dog and kitten for company. What more could he need?

When he interrupts another influencer trying to exploit a homeless person for clout, though, he finds himself on a most unexpected detour.

Blake Wyatt is already down on his luck, living out of his car a thousand miles from anything he might call home. And it only gets worse when someone steals the car. The obnoxious jerk with the camera is just more humiliation.

Then a softspoken savior intervenes… and turns Blake’s world on its head.

Now they’re riding together, and as the miles fly by, both men realize how badly they’ve longed for connection and companionship. Blake adores Marcus’s kindness and his laidback vibe. Marcus melts every time his kitten falls asleep on Blake. And that’s to say nothing of the chemistry steadily heating up between them.

But this isn’t forever. Blake has to get his life back in the rails. Marcus still has thousands of miles to travel. They can avoid it for a while, but sooner or later, their paths will diverge.

As goodbye looms, though, neither is ready to let go.

Maybe they don’t have to.


Deep Dish is a standalone slow burn road trip romance.

CW: moderate childhood trauma, past parentification, discussion of Covid-19/pandemic, homelessness, smear campaigns/accusations of abuse, brief mentions of a neglected animal, mild trauma responses in a rescued pet. If you have questions about this content warning or are concerned about specific content/triggers, please do not hesitate to email the author.