TITLE: A Single Soul



40,000 words


Paranormal, Romantic Comedy


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Matt Russo knows better. Everyone does, but no one knows better than an attorney who routinely works with the fae: you watch what you say, or else you find yourself in the crosshairs of trickster magic.

Or in this case, with an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other. And the ridiculous bickering celestial beings aren’t going anywhere until they help him change his perpetual single status. Worse, if someone finds out he used magic for any kind of gain, his personal and professional reputations might never recover.

Fortunately, his best friend and downstairs neighbor—not to mention the man he’s quietly wanted for the past five years—is smart and level-headed. If anyone can help Matt out of this fiasco, it’s Cory Miller.

Except while Cory’s happy to help Matt get rid of the pint-sized magical idiots, the only way they’re leaving is if they succeed in finding someone for Matt to love. Cory will do anything for his friend, but he’s not so sure he can take part in helping Matt find the man of his dreams. Not when he’s wished all this time that he could fill that particular role.

But maybe this magical disaster is exactly what Matt and Cory need to realize their secret attraction is mutual.

A Single Soul is approximately 40,000 words.